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Sandwich Mini Movie

Screw saving it for the full length. The Kearns Brothers of Michigan and friends just dropped this little ode to lunch time and boarding.

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Comments (17)

  1. yum

  2. Filming: 4/10
    Editing: 3/10
    Soundtrack: awful/10
    Stoke: 10/10

  3. @kvlt you should try fucking off and attempt to make a better video yourself. this isn’t a professionally made video, so why comment about the filming and editing when we are making a video strictly for fun? this video has solid shots, and the point isn’t to make it look like a red bull video and blow your mind, the point is to get some people’s names out there. god forbid anyone who does that. the soundtrack was supposed to be funny, too. glad you threw the hype in there, though, bravo.

  4. party on howard everyone’s getting some

  5. I miss riding with these goons. Bittersweet stoke for days!