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Digi Lac: A Short Film at Mont du Lac

Hot laps, Stevie Nicks and SD filming. What more could you want?

Riders:, Joey “jerrydaddy” Kreye, Jesse Paul, Jake Braseth, Max Ronning, Jack Yelle, Alex Colorito, Stephen Paulson, Nate Blomquist, Billy Bottoms, James Olson, Jake Durham and Reba

Song: Fleetwood Mac – The Dance -1997- Landslide

Edited by: Nate Blomquist

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Comments (16)

  1. Thank you, that made my morning

  2. Faw boarding. Fun. Last film line was awesome.

  3. What’s up with the music? Do all these guys have cancer? Sik vid though

  4. Yes! an edit with Fleetwood Mac! ive waited for this day for so long!

  5. If that isnt a perfect edit I dont know what is. goofing around, serious hams, cool song, and that shot where everyone took it turns to hit stuff was too legit. And the back 3 over the rope tow… so good.

  6. possibly the worst groomed jumps ever?

  7. This is what snowboarding should be about.

  8. That was a dope ass video.. Unique!!


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