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A Foggy Morning

Something weird is going on at the Rail Gardens.

Featuring: Ryan Lanham, Jon Overson, Daniel Wells, Jake Flood, Jake Haivala, Matt Bernard, Griffin Lancaster and Jamie Orkin.

Edit: Seamus Foster

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Comments (23)

  1. 270 pretzel was sick. Good work.

  2. 2:26 finally! I never see anyone do that trick. its so hard but he made it look good.

  3. That 270 pretzel was gnarly. And he made it look easy. Nutbutter that was good

  4. that 270 pretzel was gay

  5. Looks like so much fun, I wish there was an east coast rail gardens

  6. the music made this even sicker.

  7. ^ 270 pretzel is one of the rare tricks left alone by riders. Very well done.

  8. dan wells bringing the heat!

  9. That’s not fog… thats just salt lake shitty

  10. dan wells fucked yo bitch, regardless of what you think

  11. Got dang dey stol my x games ramp

  12. what is this a 1998 skate video?

  13. That Jake Haivala kid is probably gay.

  14. Hey Jp screw you. My son is as straight as an arrow!

  15. trill there have been a few cab 270 pretzel, watch these days, louif does possibly the best one to date, and the edit was very nice

  16. Looked like a damn good time. Awesome edit

  17. success

  18. I agree with Jp on this one, Jake is a total homo

  19. now im just waitin on the back 270 pretzel

  20. that jake haivala guy makes me feel all nice and dead inside