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X Games 2013: Shaun White vs Mark McMorris

We take no credit and/or responsibility for this and assume it will be removed due to copyright violations if ESPN can figure out who to contact at Vimeo. But, we laughed and you might too, so enjoy it while it lasts. If it’s already gone, you should probably be checking the site more often.

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Comments (29)

  1. snowboarding would be much better without X games…and yobeat

  2. shaun wears tight pants #teenagegirlproblems

  3. serious snowboarding is just stupid. I am glad this British chap can make fun of this.

  4. would rather watch this than the acctual vid

  5. you know shaun’s already over the xgames back in la

  6. This is the best thing to happen to snowboarding sense bindings

  7. “I’m gonna show that mark little mongrel”

  8. iPod might disagree…

  9. I wish the X-Games were actually commentated like this. They would then be watchable.

  10. when did MC Grant gillmastah make this?


  12. I don’t know which commentating was worse, Keir and Kevin’s or this crap.

  13. Shaun’s got that next level zeach.

  14. Most of those thoughts are spot on for slope contests, “Ah shit, hope the judges didn’t see me come off early…”


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