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Winter X 2013: The Shit We Care About (kinda)


Apparently an X Games drinking game where you drink every time they show or mention Shaun White is a little TOO EFFECTIVE, so you’ll have to excuse the delay on this report. In case you missed it, senior Blanco did NOT qualify first in the halfpipe yesterday. After IPod topped his score — with a run they didn’t show on TV — the tomato had one chance to best his Euro adversary. Instead, he did this:

While everyone sat around scratching their heads/faking outrage, we we’re busy rewinding the DVR to try and find IPod’s winning run, but alas, we were right. ESPN was too busy chronicling the snomocross guys’ deathly crashes to show it. So in case you did want to watch the top scoring run for some reason, here ya go:

And if you really want to enjoy the Extreme Gaymes, we highly recommend this drinking game from Lick the Cat.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 6.10.04 AM

Halfpipe Qualifying results (top 8 advance)

1 Iouri Podladtchikov â–»77.66 â–»87.33 87.33
2 Shaun White â–»87.00 â–»1.33 87.00
3 Scotty Lago â–»10.00 â–»82.66 82.66
4 Markus Malin â–»12.33 â–»81.00 81.00
5 Matt Ladley â–»80.00 â–»32.00 80.00
6 Ayumu Hirano â–»70.00 â–»78.66 78.66
7 Christian Haller â–»35.33 â–»76.00 76.00
8 Louie Vito â–»74.66 â–»65.66 74.66
9 Greg Bretz â–»65.00 â–»15.66 65.00
10 Ryo Aono â–»60.00 â–»64.66 64.66
11 Nathan Johnstone â–»8.66 â–»64.00 64.00
12 Luke Mitrani â–»56.00 â–»63.00 63.00
13 Kazuhiro Kokubo â–»30.00 â–»46.33 46.33
14 Brett Esser â–»10.33 â–»41.66 41.66
15 Taku Hiraoka â–»16.00 â–»9.66 16.00
16 Benji Farrow â–»12.00 â–»15.33 15.33

The official schedule can be found here:

What about Slopestyle and Real Snow?

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Comments (18)

  1. Is he trying to win our respect by not giving a fuck?

  2. Shauns slope run would make Zach Leach proud.

  3. Why does the most popular person in snowboarding hafta be the biggest deuchebag on the entire planet? william huang > Shaun White

  4. I want Preston and Todd to do the TV announcing.

  5. Where is Scotty’s pipe run? That is the only thing I want to see.

  6. Frank April is pulling ahead in online votes!!!!
    Side note: Doesn’t Europe have they’re own XGames? Or am I wrong?

  7. People shouldnt hate on Shaun just cause he is the best snowboarded on the planet maybe even universe. He has accomplished soo much while overcoming down syndrome and being a ginger.