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Rawlais: Episode 2

The Frenches are back with more raw boarding. They even managed to get a big time X Games champion in this one!

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  • Karl Zeiis

    Who ever filmed that was trippn

  • poke smot

    louif has the best str8 air in the game!

  • Nathan

    Was this filmed with a potato?

  • Mckayla Maroney

    that park is cliche


  • Phil Nolson

    im the best rider from brooklyn, plz add me on facebok

  • LA

    is that yenesis with a Y,?

  • Typical trendy kid

    Whats a jump?

  • Dat Nigga

    a filmer with tourettes? hmm good for him i guess

  • thdhis

    you have to be the biggest faggot to be that bothered by a little camera shake. watch the fucking riding and shut up, this isnt hollywood. it’s just homies filming each other you queers.

  • Tony Danza

    i enjoyed watching this, but the potato comment was pretty funny