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Fakie Bigspin the Movie is Coming

Sean Lucey’s latest. A skateboard video with a whole bunch of snowboarders. Featuring Torrey Lyons, Alex Andrews, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid, Mike Ravelson, Chris Grenier, Justin Keniston, Brandon Reis, Tanner McCarty, Chris Cloud, Bode Merrill, Scott Stevens, and Austen Granger. Coming whenever.

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Comments (3)

  1. Please send me the file, I’ll launch it on the Berrics. Would 3/13/13 be an appropriate realease date? Just make sure the video does not include any actual street skating.

  2. Makes sense snowboarders’ skate movie would be called this. I approve. It’s one of the tricks I can still do, and I can’t see a day where I won’t be able to. Perfect.

  3. can’t see the tits pussies make it known


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