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Thursdays at the Office: Give the Forum to Peter

Yobeat’s discussion forum was broken for weeks. Brooke put Justin in charge of fixing things. His solution? Drive to Seattle to recruit Peter Line.

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Comments (17)

  1. It’s “Thursdays”, not “Thursday’s”. May be you’re forum iz broke due to poor punctuation;

  2. these are fucking hilarious, keep em coming.

  3. Ya I hear poor punctuation is what’s wrong with the world,

  4. Justin, did you ever consider that you might be related to Steve Buscemi?

  5. well that’s 3 minutes I’m not getting back

  6. #shutupbrooke

  7. No wonder all the kids want to ski nowadays. We’re all fucked.

  8. Peter working for yobeat would be dope…

    But he really should have the real forum still minus the real JP walker

  9. Peter is seriously one of the weirdest/coolest guys I have ever met!

  10. I like when JP Walker comments on this site. It shows he’s a normal person like you or me

  11. Fuck this

  12. #giveYobeatToPeter


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