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Versace Carolina

Meet Austin Leonard. He’s like Riff Raff, except not white, and from North Carolina.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (42)

  1. NC in the beat

  2. Black dude holding up kosher jewish hot dogs, snowboarding in North Carolina? ….very trill.

  3. This had everything. Awesome boarding, fun, great editing.

  4. half snowboard edit, half music video, dat shit be fresh ass hell homie

  5. This kid is sick. Having fun snowboarding, the way it should be!

  6. H0oD Shite. Watched diz shit get filmed. killin da shrap game. Rep da hometown.

  7. This kid is the guy helping build your summer park at windells and he is better than you

  8. Austin + RiFF RAFF collab = so damn trill
    I need to make one of these

  9. I like how he gets on a lift!

  10. One of the most under rated riders out there

  11. riff raff needs to make a music video of him doin hoodrat things and snowboarding (but instead of him snowboarding it would be his brother viktor simco)

  12. the editor is deeply in love with this kid.

  13. ha ha that was gay and weird

  14. That was boss!!!! love the creativity


  16. Where Debbie at?

  17. Rap game betty crocKer versace boxers

  18. this is the future of edits!
    #dgaf #yolo #fish

  19. omg this was the best edit ive seen in a long time

  20. Versace fork in the road I don’t know which way

  21. if you don’t like this, you’re miserable

  22. That was fucking awesome. I wanna hang out with this dude. Let’s make it happen.

  23. Dude knows one trick and spends half the video flailing his arms

  24. snowboard game riff raff……. and to everyone asking what he is…..dont worry about it….he’s a HYBRID!!


  26. hows he up on both his rap game and his skateboard game got damn. but this is one of the best edits ive seen in a while. this guys doin it right, having fun and not being an asshole.


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