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The Mark McMorris Hype Machine

Have you seen the video of Mark McMorris talking shit about Shaun White? No!? Watch it first:

But that’s not all. Ever since Avril Lavigne got engaged to the dude from Nickleback, Canada has been looking for some redemption in the cool department. And with the Winter X Games on the minds of a solid .04% of the population this week, it looks like they’ve finally found their next big thing. The Globe and Mail issued this endorsement entitled “Mark McMorris: From prairie prodigy to X Games star”:

From a tiny ski hill northeast of Regina, barely a blip on the vast prairie, Mark McMorris has catapulted to a spotlight never before reached by a Canadian snowboarder, and this weekend the 19-year-old aims to cement his standing among his sport’s greats.

It goes on, but you get the gist. They’re talking about him beating Shaun White in slopestyle, which he’s totally claiming he will do. If we remember correctly, he already did it last year, but this year, El Blanco is actually gonna try, and there in lies the excitement.


Everyone wants a piece of the McMorris/White feud (us included, obviously) but most notably in America, Rolling Stone delivered this attention grabbing headline.

Is Mark McMorris the Next Shaun White?

After referring to Shaun White as the “snowboard king” they go on to talk about how Mark isn’t a total douche bag, but also can be recognized for his curly hair. All of this can mean one of two things — Mark has a really good publicist or even the general public is bored with short-haired Shaun. So, there you go, the big story for the X Games. Now let’s just hope they both make it through qualifications today…

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Comments (31)

  1. Straight up called that mother fucker out.

  2. 50 bucks McMorris porked that reporter

  3. They will both do triples. Sean Wheat will get a 100, McMorris will score a 93. A riot will breakout. And Halldor will still deserve to win.

  4. I hope they both don’t make the finals and haldor or some euro wins it with that jerk off flip or whatever its called. Snowboardings about fun not talking shit.

  5. Boots grabs are what the judges want to see, bro.



  7. All I know is that someone is getting $50 bucks.

  8. Shaun white will have the gold in slope as soon as hell freezes over. He doesn’t belong in a real park

  9. yung canada nigga comin thruogh puttin da team on hiz back and shit gottdamnn!!!!!!!1
    fuck dat pu$$y ass firekrotch ya feels me??????

  10. Going out on a limb…Halldor’s gonna win because hes lean, mean, and hella european

  11. More importantly……Can you just imagine how awesome she would sound in bed??

  12. When we talk shit it’s funny, if a pro does it, it’s breaking news.

  13. is this a burton marketing technique?

  14. May the Angels of shred be with Mark and strike down and destroy the Rotten Tomato of Douche

  15. lol u think this frostbitin lil shithyd marc is gunna do shit n i watch every edyt. yall so dum lol malaka
    watch me get a hunnid bitch

  16. Just ask yourself is snowboarding turning into WWE?

  17. generally shit-talking is apussy manuever, but mark is legit, hes the only other snowboarder who has the balls to say it on national tv and hes just saying what every real snowboarder is thinking and it was probably staged anyway

  18. John Travolta for the win … life

  19. He’s not just calling out Shaun White, he’s actually calling out the questionable judging of the x games.

  20. Seb or Torstein could take it too. Just saying.

  21. Raise taxes!

  22. zeachs and boot grabs are worth double points in the x games dontcha know. if mcmorris wants to win he better pop in some stride gum, make sure his jock strap is tight, grab tindy and do some smith grinds.

  23. You guys should all ride more powder.

  24. All I know is Nate Bozung is a fuckin faggot. Dude went pro because he could front board in 2000. Malaka that you fucking talentless drug addict fuck.

  25. Style should really be taken more into consideration at x games. Marks last “fun run” was the sickest thing that’s happened in x games and there wasn’t a single double. But then I guess Shaun would never make it to the finals in that case… style > tricks

  26. where is the link of him calling him out?

  27. How about Kevin Pearce and Keir Dillons commentating in the booth? “Shaun’s rail section is so on point right now” just when he does a proper Zeach… get outta town! He’s 8 years behind the other guys hen it comes to rail skills!

  28. I cant watch the x games without wanting to go to aspen and rip off 90% of everyones testes


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