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Anecdote: Beaver Valley

Oh shit, Ontario has a street plaza!

Featuring Mark Goodall, Mike Chmil, Colter Heard, and Brad Gauley.

Song: “Asia” by Salem

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Comments (33)

  1. What the fuck kind of song was that? Shitiest edit of the year right here

  2. ^ An intimidating instrumental made by a “band” using X’s and weird shapes to create their name you can’t pronounce… and a popular choice in todays snowboard edits. Nice job fitting in, kids!

  3. why the fuck do you canadians ride rails? there is some of the best shit in canada to ride besides metal and plastic. I do miss me a good park rail though, its been a while. mt. hood 2013 yes please

  4. Worst attempt at a street plaza ever. Thank god for Seven Springs and Bear.

  5. im pretty sure these kids are from the butthole of canada as far as snowboarding goes, nothing but farms and a lack of snow

  6. am i crazy or does that look like a shit load of money for 2 really bad boxes…looks cool though


  8. mark goodall is a socially awkward loner who lives in the forest with a cat and trampolines

  9. It dope how more mountains are making street plaza’s, its just a small evolution of snowboarding that more resort should take part in.

  10. Did the high cascade filmers make this? Or just a copy cat

  11. KC Kyle you are an idiot, the snow in Ontario is the same as the snow on the rest of the East coast, shitty as hell. Only rails and park to hit. Ugh

  12. 0:35…pretty fucking awkward. and please kill whoever made that fucking song, for the good of humanity.

  13. Stop being like Stark. You aren’t him so stop trying to copy his editing style. Be original.

  14. Since when was Jon Stark’s filming style copyrighted because to me, it looks like he’s using the same common filming techniques that I’ve seen used in snowboarding/skating for the past 10 years. Im sure he had to bite someone elses style to develop where he is now. Anecdote is just doing what every filmer has done before, and that is emulate the filming style they prefer the most.

  15. keep hating, the song choice is questionable but the riding is not

  16. I saw some pow

  17. Mark Goodhall is super nice guy me and my buddies met him in killington while he was filming one of these edits super approachable and down to talk, real non judgemental lay off it children.

  18. these guys need to learn how to properly compress an edit……#shittyquality

  19. Stop hating before I punch you guys in your ovaries, hence my name

  20. You guys are blowing it, that edit was sick, and that plaza looks fun as fuck. Way better then the shity plaza that snoqualmie tried to build last year, Joe Pope is a fucking idiot and he ruined a good idea. bottom line is, FUCK JOE POPE

  21. Ender was legit the rest kinda sucked and can we please stop using every fucking song Salem that has been made? It was played out in the first half of the season now it just makes you look like you’re trying to be somewhat relevant while you are actually the furthest thing from it.

  22. I love how many people make fun of mark for being awkward and shit, the only reason they make fun of himfor that is because he’s to damn good! #donthateappreciate

  23. woah did i just land good tricks?


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