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Premature Evaluation: 2013/2014 Union Bindings

Day 2 of Premature Evaluation we take a look at some of next year’s bindings made by Union.


Tech & Durability
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.44.35 AM
How am i going to explain this better than travis rice giving a salute? I’m not going to. “If you break, or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding, we’ll replace it for life. Guaranteed”

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.06.27 AM
HOLY SHIT! Union finally made baseplates to put on Burton boards. Bout damn time.

The Contact Pro
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.09.59 AM
These bindings look like the skeleton of an 80’s athletic sneaker. This leads me to believe they will be really good at keeping your foot attatched to a snowboard.

The Charger
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.45.30 AM
Confident that binding grinds will finally catch on, Union gets ahead of the curve with a teflon high back.

The Factory
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.16.38 AM
These are the bindings Travis Rice salutes. Can everyone just agree that we should bring back those old Chuck Norris jokes, but switch Chuck’s name with Travis Rice?

Elite Pro
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.12.39 AM
Well I had to include at least one of the bright color union options.

The Milan
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.14.49 AM
If you switched a tampon out for these lady bindings and kept everything else about this ad the same, it would totally make sense.

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Comments (42)

  1. First ten comments get a free pair!

  2. So next year’s Flites are getting this year’s Contact Pro highbacks?

  3. Why go the girl colorways always suck?

  4. im just gonna rip the highbacks off anyway

  5. The flite pro colorways are looking mighty fresh. What’s the flex like on the chargers?

    @Union, serious about that free pair?

  6. Ha I didnt even see the first ten get a free pair. Please tell me thats true!

  7. Wait Free pair! They all look sick.

  8. Come on yobeat, I’m here to see witty articles featuring interns wearing wigs shitting on snowboarding, not a comercial for union.

  9. Unions are rad.only bindings i will spend money on.

  10. They fix the toe caps yet? Until they do I’m not buyin unions..

  11. Yobeat is fucking blowing it lately, I feel like all the posts are just ads.

  12. I was stoked on Union, until I rode them. I got maybe 25 days on them before the toe cap unstitched and two ladder straps broke; no biggie, easy fix. Next the heelcup kept slipping and would make the straps fit like shit. I would be tightening the heelcup adjustment screw every other run at least. I was not stoked on this performance from a binding company that preaches durability and quality, and I didnt expect it from a company with such a legit pro team. I called to warranty or trade the bindings in for ones that didnt have a malfunctioning heelcup, but Union would not help me out and suggested that I try tightening the screw with lock-tight. Tried that, still didnt work. I ditched those pieces of shit and threw on some old Burton Cartels that have had almost 200 days on them and still ride better than the brand new Unions. Sorry to say it guys, but the product quality just is not there. You can buy a nice ad campaign and pay the best riders to be on your pro team but if your product is shit and not backed by your own company, your only fooling yourselves and you shouldnt be around too much longer.

  13. whats this trend of all next years leak leaking weeks before SIA? what happened to the days that we drooled over the few photos we could find from the tradeshow, and then finally started seeing more of next years gear later in the spring? Now we get to see next years stuff almost as soon as this years is available. I feel like it takes some of the excitement away…

  14. ROVERT just put locktite on the screws, fixed all my problems right away

  15. You sound like a little bitch.

  16. @Rovert.. You sniveling little bitch! This is not Angie’s List. Crank up the forward lean on those cartels, cinch your waist gaiter, buckle on your Red helmet, and crash into a fucking tree.

  17. Already demoed a pair along with with the 2014 DC focus. Both sick!!!!

  18. shit union i don’t a fuck just get some ratchets that don’t break
    a yung nigga like me likes to crank his fucking feet in shit

  19. I call bullshit on the free pairs.

  20. love union no hate here but…… rome 390 bosses are soooo NICE after coming from unions

  21. I was shredding some park and i was trying a 50-50 on a butter box and i fell, i blame the bindings

  22. YourProblyCoolerThanMe nailed it, shops still have this years bindings in stock, quit patting yourselves on the dick for showing shit this early.

  23. the flites look exactly like the 2011 contact pros.

  24. I could go for a free pair, I will only rock Union after breaking countless other brands

  25. Its alright to be mad. When your a company that specializes in one product and they still stuck, there are obvious reasons to be a little upset.

    P.S.- I only came back to check on this post to see how many of you pussies got worked when I shit on your precious Unions. Seriously though, I love when you get angry, keep it up cupcake!

  26. Are those yellow ad black ones this years superpro?

  27. what’s up with the union force next season. anything new on them???

  28. [email protected]…I have had the 390 boss’ for half a season and chucked them. Biiih pieces if you ask me. And I ride with their bots which are nice. But the bindings are meh at best. Horrible ratchets. Ordered some union atlas’

  29. Ya I’m with rover. Union bindings look like they should be mounted on a plastic walmart snowboard. Not only are they cheap looking, but they have very little damping, less than great highbacks, shitty ass toe caps, and why would you not put a toolless adjustment on the toe caps and why is there only like 3 or 4 adjustment holes? Shoulda gone with teeth union. The only half way remarkable features on union bindings are the comfy ankle straps, but even then you only get a few adjustment holes so how the hell are you suppose to really dial them in. The heelcup adjustment DOES slip out and is really a shit design. For all you guys saying “They make bindings exclusively so they must be good.” Well Saturn makes cars exclusively, doesn’t mean they’re not pieces of shit.

  30. After a really bad back injury that has kept me away from the mountain for almost 5 years, i am just finally getting back to the sport i missed most. The problem is everytime I look at which Unions i want to buy they either go on sale or i see a new pair i like. This years new line up looks like im gonna have to wait till next year now to narrow down my choices. I love the Atlas’ in Matte stone, but i dont know if i want to risk not having the new technology coming out next years models will offer. thank you union for providing such quality!

  31. We all get injuries… QUIT BITCHING ABOUT IT Charlie!!

  32. These bindings are SICK Total Mountain shredders. Just made a trip to Hokkaido Japan and rode some of the best POW in the world. Super impressed with these bindings. I always rode Bent Metal bindings Libtech boards. I put these B**tches on the Jamie Phoenix and the best set up I have ridden. Been ridingg 22 years. BUY THEM!!!! Purchased from my boys at 35th Avenue in Federal Way Washington.


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