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Lick the Cat 2

Boarding with the cool kids.

Featuring: Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Alex Sherman, Evan Drage, Zak Hale, Blaze Kotsenburg, Josh Crisp, Knut, and BIG JERM.

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Comments (14)

  1. Whats wrong with me? I’m going crazy now.

  2. lick the cat in rasta- what do you guys smoke weed or something?
    also-they fell off that rail about 20 times from 1:00-1:10. SAD. and who ever this big jerm fellow is, it definitely isn’t jermiah paqueef, i’m pretty sure he lives in vail working as a children’s snowboard school instructor

  3. is anyone else tired of every jump shot being filmed from under the jumper? It’d be nice to know what’s actually going on with the snowboarding…

  4. @KC KYLE dude they smoke meth they are so chill