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Skier Mating Ritual

What was labeled as a normal skiing edit, was actually filmed documentation of the mating process between two skiers. Yobeat Special reporter Justin Leveille narrates the unity of two lovers.

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Comments (94)

  1. yo yobeat lemme get free swag clothes plz

  2. these guys are actually pretty legit, they remind me of think thank crew.

  3. These guys are like the Helgasons of skiing.

  4. ROTFL!
    That was some of the funniest sh*t I’ve seen in a long time! : * ) <== See, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying…,

  5. its skiing but that was still pretty impressive

  6. 4 sticks, 2 dudes. Loving the gentle intimacy that each brings to the whole experience.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with kids today that they actually like skiing? Fuck that shit is gay. Wear more helmets queerz.

  8. yeah man dont wear helmets. youre not cool unless you dont wear one.

  9. what the fuck did i just watch? this shit was stupid

  10. that was pretty funny. and the skiing was pretty cool

  11. The hardest part about skiing is telling your parents that you’re gay

  12. actually a decent watch. Wish that dickhead wasn’t talking like an idiot over it though.

  13. that underslide thing on that dumpster was pretty insane

  14. Dope edit. Wish that reggin wasn’t talking out of his ass the whole time.

  15. Man.. you guys are a bunch of fucking kooks.

  16. Skier fagz! JP Walker for city council!

  17. lol those kids are pretty cool skiers though.

  18. well that was actually pretty sweet skiing…wasn’t really that funny
    no need to bash that of all things

  19. This has been said so many times…PLEASE stick to snowboarding. No more dumb ideas.

  20. I cant wait for the newschoolers to come

  21. That was the goddamn funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking skier.

  22. i member this one time at my hill I saw a dumass two planker in the park and I called him a gay until he left…. its called a snowboard park for a reason duhh

  23. Planks slide better up the ass rather than snowboards. All your assholes must be torn up then.

  24. Justin’s Version is much better.

  25. Hahaaa. I love how you think you’re hilarious when you’re best trick is fucking 50/50ing a box. Bitch face.

  26. I’m tony hawk and I approve of skiing. It is too hard for me, which is why I don’t do it.

  27. Back in my day skiers were butt hurt about everything we snowboarders were doing. Nowadays we are all buddy buddy, but all my skier friends are gay, like, literally.

  28. me and my friends snowboard and we all think sking is gay their such fags i hate them

  29. Det var faktiskt rolig!

  30. When snowboarders can make any piece of film that is even comparable to the latest traveling circus episode, then we’ll talk. Until then, stop making this garbage.

  31. Once snowboarders start doing wizard tricks, I will begin to respect them. Until then, NOPE.

  32. Try harder, you’re doing it wrong.

  33. Haaiii boyz cum all over my asshole im a pretentious cock

  34. When snowboarders start milking cows more often , then we can talk

  35. Andy Parry you suck, i ski and am well aware how much cooler snowboarding is then skiiers.

  36. You guys are fucking retarted. That was definitely one of the stupider videos I have ever seen, you couldn’t do any of that shit on a snowboard.

  37. ^ why snowboarding is better than skiing.



  39. Yall niggas is on that dumb shit foreal. This skiing fire, future right here. Quit yo bitchin and get on that real shit and get along my niggas, honestly breh. Like smoke dat kush and we’ll all be good, ya dig?

  40. I didn’t know snowboarding was so butthurt about skiers putting out more creative edits

  41. Because I’m handicapped, I think snowboarding is better. HURR DURR.

  42. would have been funnier if Aman did the narration.

  43. Son! Honestly. Your narration sucked, you stuttered, your nature voice was terrible. David Attenbourough is rolling around in his grave. He’s dead right? Come home right this instant. I thought I taught you to make funnier jokes than this. Joking about gay sex and holding hands and balls if for people in the third grade for Christ’s sake! Real Skifi is the shit and you should feel bad.

  44. yo OP these niggahs would pee in your butt you best back off before yoy start somethin

  45. Snowboarder should go to the back of the bus.

  46. Come get us snowboarders!
    www. rejib .com

  47. I’m a fucking sexy beast and get all the bitches.

  48. Why do you think we call our sacred meeting ground ‘Chad’s Gap’ ?

  49. What happened to the whole skiers are people too?

  50. @Edollo (Comment 50) The reason skiing is gay

  51. This shit is weak. Real SkiFi are bunch of rad creative dudes. Get out everyonce in awhile and rather than making fun of someone else’s creativity, create something of your own.

  52. When skiers can make any piece of film that is even comparable to the latest cooking with gas episode, then we’ll talk. Until then, stop making this “mad jib” garbage

  53. Stick to snowboarding yobeat, leave the ski stuff to Brobomb. You’re trying too hard.

  54. >2013
    >using gay as a derogatory term

  55. “Symbolic swirley doppel” I don’t care who you are or what you ride we need more of these.

  56. The guy’s voice made my eyes water and the skiing was pretty funky.

  57. If you think that’s crazy wait till you see my mouth!

  58. To be a core snowboarder these days you have to like skiers and think shaun white is awesome. Its so played out to hate both.
    Good thing im not core so i can still hate both

  59. Hey Skiers, If we ever see this Justin guy out in public lets take the term “fag bash” and give it a whole new meaning. Possibly involving a Bunch of “Skier Faggots” bashing this fucking intolerant bigots skull into a million little pieces on some breckenridge side walk. Watch your back little Fella! Remember Talking shit on the internet is easy, but fighting your way out of a sea of first drop thugs is something that will forever scar a man….Oh and go fuck yourself Yobeat!

  60. oh and just for the record, I’m not an advocate for senseless violence, just the thought of a bunch of tall tee clad 13 year olds with guns and a thirst for vengance really set me off.

  61. If you honestly think one is better than the other, eat a dick.

  62. why cant we all just have fun in the terrain park together?

  63. I have made some calculations and come to the conclusion that as a result of Real Skifi’s newest and this far most awesome episode, skiing is now scientifically prooved to be way cooler than snowboarding, therefore making the discussion of which one is cooler pointless.



    Albert Einstein.

  64. ahaha all these kids saying that the skiing was cool……….that was sooo gay. those kids blow eachother. skiing is for dude lovers. yobeat4life

  65. Why don’t your go yofuckyourselves this shit is yodope

  66. Skiiers go back to your fucking newschoolers forums. Stanley would literally strangle you all with his purple leg bag. We don’t care how how trendy you are and how many times you can spin on top of one fucking rail.

  67. by my calculations I have determined per the comments of ye video that all is a bunch of dumb white kids, enjoy your snow sports kiddos! Snowboard… ski, what the fuck, your all the same lame motherfuckers.

  68. I dont normally like skiing but that was fucking sick. You sir are why im ashamed to be a snowboarder sometimes. fail.

  69. It would have been way better if there wasn’t that creepy voice over. And I think a lot of snowboarder jealousy is definitely coming out in these comments… And I can say that because I ride and I am jealous I can’t nut a rail.

  70. hahaha this was so awesome. i love skiers

  71. These guys give me so much inspiration!

  72. ^ Inspiration for nutting yourself.

  73. I ski but seriously I don’t get what fuels the animosity between skiers and snowboarders. I mean, like, we both slide down the mountain and stuff. Just in different ways. Occasionally I’ll trade gear with one of my snowboarder friends and it makes for a fun day of eating shit. Lets play nice.

    Also this video is kinda boring until near the end. Nothing I’d call insulting but that “symbolic swirlydoppel” shit was hilarious. Haha

  74. maybe the editior tried a bit too hard here… simply not funny.


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