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Elementary (Second Hour)

Well these dudes are good.

Featuring: Jesse Paul, Cullen Bernklau, Al Binder, Mike Liddle, Sam Bakken, Jordan Daniels, Justin Fronius and Billy Bottoms

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Comments (33)

  1. Stark can do no wrong. Now we just need to wait for WFTC2!

  2. this is better than brazzers true life HD

  3. Jesse Paul, stop raising standards it’s no fun for the rest of us.

  4. Some Micah Hollinger shit up in here

  5. Yawgoons better watch out, there is a new sheriff in town

  6. Jesse Paul sure must know his workplace safety.

  7. Jon Stark you are a master of the editorial

  8. billy bottoms gives me beans.

  9. BILLY BOTTOMS 4PREZ // and Jordan Daniels is not goofy…

  10. wells its official I am quitting my snowboard is on craigslist, ski blading here I come.

  11. jp walker must be like a chill guy guys

  12. The midwest (especially Minnesota) is officially the promised land of snowboarding

  13. illest back three goes to billy b

  14. i just came, and not just a little

  15. Simply Orange

  16. Billy deserves a bean after those moves

  17. ender was fucking sick. solid line up of dudes

  18. Bacon stacked on Bacon upon bacon topped of with hot ham and applesauce

  19. Awesome
    What the second song please????

  20. great vid, too bad the music is stolen