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PBF #1

Rails, jumps, carving, handrails, partying, this edit has it all. At least according to the kids who made it.

Featuring: Danny Kiolbasa, Brian Wilson, Josh Kuno, Dan Spooner, Colton Allen, and Kai Sandal.

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Comments (15)

  1. alternative comment:

    a bad edit saved by a good song.

  2. Mike is mad because his budget proposal for free chili on Wednesdays didn’t work out with the local resort and himself. Upstate must really suck but I bet you and your bros are the only ones swagged up still gang banging boy! Sex. Money. Murder. Then respect and Internet.

  3. so if youre not funded you shouldnt film? dont hate on fools for doing what they like.

  4. Its dope becuase i know where most of these spots are at…