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Bet You Can’t- Mountain Creek

The “Bet You Can’t” video series is back!  Here’s the first episode from Mountain Creek featuring Brett Stewart.  Bet You Can’t ollie north front lip.

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Comments (25)

  1. not exactly beautiful, but that’ll do.

  2. as much as we all hated him I used to look forward to see the dumb ass comments he used to make. seriously where did he go?

  3. yeah brett

  4. i bet scott stevens can do it 1st try

  5. I bet you can’t do that on anything skinnier than that huge mufuckin’ tube

  6. nate bozung bet you cant get more face tats

  7. I like how they bet him he cant do a trick he was probably practicing for like a week prior to this video… I bet he could..

  8. yeoooooooo!

  9. Kevin with the cameo

  10. i read the description and thought it was a funny joke. then it wasnt

  11. I’ll bet all of you I can’t do that

  12. i cant believe people are talking shit on this trick. its fucked.

  13. Grow up in the Midwest
    Move to Salt Lake
    Ride at Brighton
    Have a trust fund.

  14. shredgame mona lisa.. masterpiece.