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Signal’s Minnesota House- Episode 5

Cody B. destroys his collar bone, Yusaku dyes his hair, and the dudes put it down in the streets.

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Comments (20)

  1. that stairset got absolutely destroyed

  2. i used to live at that house then i gut evicted

  3. that song is fucking annoying

  4. whoever re-edited that wavves song for signal should be fired, holy shit

  5. ^^ I don’t get whats wrong with the wavves song…

  6. if you don’t like black dahlia murder then fuck you

  7. I would love a signal team video

  8. Oh you need ski patrol? Do you need to get taken down in the sled too?

  9. i love minnesota. and whoever edits these must really love minus the bear

  10. can someone tell me why the fuck they microwaved a pabst..

  11. God Danimals looks so stoned at the end haha


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