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Open Season With Aaron Biitner, Justin Bennee, and Zak Hale

Skullcandy riders Aaron Biittner, Justin Bennee, and Zak Hale test out Skullcandys “The Cassette” headphone at Brighton.

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  • That Guy

    less headphones, more snowboarding please

  • http://tronfuckinblow still high tho..

    Im not gonna buy them. not now not EVER

  • BuschLeague

    What is this about? Now you are passing off ads as actual content. For shame.

  • wait what,

    i feel tricked into watching a commercial, well played yobeat

  • dfsd

    I like how the beginning has high quality cinemtography and then the snowboarding part is like gopro babyback bullshit quality. fuck skullcandy.

  • Also..


  • dick poncho

    like to be honest, justin bennee seems like a tool. then again i seem like a tool. soo there ya have it

  • snatch

    Im always stoked enough to high five my buddies after loading the car.

  • nate

    Skullcandy’s products suck (low quality).

  • honestly

    skullcandys are really terrible headphones. its lame for a headphone company to sponsor snowboarding in the first place, but they could at least make quality products.

  • col. forbin

    skullcandys do suck, thats why they come with unlimited warranties, great if you live in utah and can stop by and exchange them

  • rob


  • Nation

    My favorite part is at 1:00 min where they all just put the headphones on. Whoever made this should be fired. And seriously why is this being posted?

  • Yamos

    How much did skullcandy pay for you to play this ad? Should have made rejected edits.

    Yobeat makes fun of sellouts, yet sells themselves out……..

  • Shibby shib

    So fucking gay