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Hump Day gets köns with Kevin Backstrom

Kevin Backstrom (1 av 1)-25
Kevin Strategically places the roses in front of the but-her-face. Nice work.

European style master. Amateur porn auteur. Swedish sex maniac. Kevin Backstrom is all these things with a big cherry on top. Quickly rising to become one of Yobeat’s favorite European son’s, Kevin is currently nursing a broken ankle. With ample supplies of shred videos, tits, ass and blogging, Kevin will be back at it late next month. Get well, Kevin. The shred world fucking needs you.

What was better – your first day of snowboarding or losing your virginity? Take us back to these glorious times.

Oh God damn that’s an easy one. Losing my virginity for sure. It was a summer day when we all had vacation from school back in the days. I was with my best girlfriend and one of my best friends. I was really young and I didn’t really know anything back then. Well, we had a bottle so we decided to play this game called spin the bottle. And we started out pretty mellow and you could choose between kisses, hugs and shit like that (me and the girl, of course!). After that I came up with a great idea that we should have sex in there as well. So, we spun the bottle and it came on me so i had to decide what to do. I said sex and she was down. So we had sex there in the playroom at my old school. A week or two later, we did it again at her place and I think i was around 12-13 or something like that. Then I had a little break until i was 15 and after that I’ve been on a mission. This is what I looked like when i was 12-13.

Last year you just got back from a gnarly arm injury. It’s January right now. New year. You just broke your ankle. What happened?

True that, true that. I just broke my ankle while shooting for “Beyond Medals” in Oslo. I’m only out for 4-5 more weeks so its pretty mellow, I would say.

Is Tor Lundstrom nursing you back to health now that you guys live together?

(Laughing) He’s in the States right now so I have to get those female nurses over.

You told me in October that, “My plans for this season are to send it as hard as possible and stay healthy.” Where do you go from here – to the strip club?

Now that I’m injured I can’t really do that much. I would go to the strip club if it was good. The one we have where I live is pretty shitty and the girls look like shit, too. I’m just trying to heal up so I can go out and ride and send it with my friends again. I hate being injured!

You’re from Sweden. Tell us something interesting about the homeland. You guys eat reindeer up there?

Yes, yes, yes! Sweden has some of the hottest girls, I would say. They are not hard to take down after a night out. I don’t even know what reindeer is but I guess some people do eat it. We have a King that got busted for fucking hookers and that he went to strip clubs and shit. The Queen of Sweden was mad for a couple of weeks after that, I guess. We don’t have that many good snowparks in Sweden.

What’s the weirdest place at a ski resort you’ve had sex?

Hmmm. Ski locker room, maybe?

Sans-injury. Photo: Cyril Mueller

What’s one of the best things you have had or received from some of your insatiable female fans?

(Laughing) I really like getting love letters. Some girls send paintings with me on them. Their ass with a kb sign, t-shirts with me on it, dirty naked photos, but the best thing must be when they want to have sex.

It’s Wednesday. It’s hump day. Take us through the perfect hump day for Kevin Backstrom, waking up to going to bed. What the fuck would you do?

The perfect day would probably start like this – wake up at 9, hit the slopes at 10 with all my homies, ride until 3, get home and shower, do some facebooking, instagram and blog, then I would get ready for a mayhem night with the boys and a couple of girls. Hit the club, come home with at least 1 girl, fuck, sleep, repeat.

Why do you think success for European snowboarders is so elusive in the states?

I have no idea, actually. A lot of European guys have weird names that are hard to remember, but I don’t know.


You aren’t afraid to do contests. You love metal scaffolding and sketchy jumps and sketchy landings and sketchy chicks. Do you enjoy contests, or is it just about the money?

(Laughing) I hate icy and sketchy jumps, but sometimes it’s fun to do contests. Now that slopestyle is an Olympic thing, I’m gonna try to do that. Sketchy chicks can be fun, though.

When was the last time you were in a strip club?

A couple of weeks ago.

Since the Tor Lundstrom/Kevin Backstrom 2012 strippergate scandal has subsided what lesson did you learn from such a trivial event and how is the Swedish National media treating you this day?

(Laughing) I didn’t learn a single lesson. Maybe not post photos from strip clubs on Instagram. They are not treating us good at all. I was on the OUT LIST in a newspaper the other day actually. The things that was out was me and one of Sweden’s biggest Zoo. Pretty funny, though. They said that my blog looks more like an amateur porn site than anything else and that I’m a bad influence on kids.

Mountain-air. photo: Cyril Muller

Are you still holding strong with your title of, “The biggest partiers in the Euro boardworld?”
I’m not the biggest partier, actually (laughing). There are a lot of people that send it waaaaay harder than me, but I can still send it pretty hard. I guess people get that feeling about me as I only post about girls, parties and shit like that. Who wants to see an instagram photo of me from the gym?? Right now I’m not drinking at all as I want my bones to heal together as fast as possible. Kind of boring, but the best thing for me right now.

Keys to successful night out on the town after shredding all day?

Vodka, friends, girls, condoms.

Will you be healthy enough to attend Grenade Games? I think it’s time you also came to Reno. I have some great titty bars for you. Places we can eat steak and have tits in our faces.

I really hope so! It would be sick as hell. Looks like a lot of fun at Grenade Games. Count me in on that mission. I love steak and titties so it sounds like a great combo.

KevinBackstrom_SilvrettaMontafon_Cyril_IMG_7938A reason he gets paid to board. photo: Cyril Muller

Any words of wisdom for the Yobeat readers?

Have as much fun as possible.


Nike, Monster Energy, Rome Snowboards, Beats by Dre,, ION cameras.

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B-Rad from S-Cruz.
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