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2013 Sponsorship Shuffle

It’s a new year, the holidays are over, budgets are fresh, contracts are up and you know what that means! Time for a ton of press releases about new sponsors. It only took three so far today before we realized we should probably be keeping this all in one post so keep checking back for the exciting updates…

-Volcom took advantage of the demise of the Program, scored Pat Moore on  boards and outerwear. Luckily, they had plenty of extra budget after losing Gigi, right?

-K2 finally moved Canada’s favorite son Jake Kuzyk to the international pro team. It’s about time this guy moved from Toonies to real US Currency. Although, we might recommend requiring his payment in gold.


- Freddie ‘The Fox’ Austbo is now riding for Rhythm Snowboards, which if you live in Europe, may or may not be interesting.


– Bode Merrill is on Billabong, which we assume lessens the sting of his bitter Real Snow defeat. You fought the good fight, Bode Man!

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Comments (18)

  1. Hobush on Anon, Curtis Woodman on Ashbury, Aaron Biitner on Switchback; possibly nike too.

  2. My mom bought me some new socks. I’m sponsored by Irene

  3. Hobush also got signed onto Monster. lost all respect for him. now hes on Anon, Nitro, Bear, and Monster. hes so core, he left all the core companies for paychecks. haha.

  4. what do these jerks want to do, make a living? maybe buy a home? how dare they!

  5. if apple started sponsoring snowboarders the core indy hipster universe would collapse on itself which may or may not cause them to shut the fuck up

  6. Jed has been on Nike for a while, i doubt he would drop airblaster and pick bonfire over a company that already gives him free boots and shit

  7. Yobeat you guys should do a monthly or bimonthly write up like this one.