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Mise en scène #1

Sometimes, we just can’t improve on the video description. Please note, the kind of “shootings” they’re referring to are not the kind of “shootings” have in America.

YOUGOFIRST collective brings to you the first episode of mise-en-scène clips. Composition, sets, props, actors, costumes and lights — it’s all there. Or maybe it’s not. Anyway, we know we made you google that. Check out some leftovers from shootings in Slovenia and Austria during past weeks, mixed up with a dose of stuff you’ll for sure see also in a full video coming in Autumn 2013.

Riding by: Andrej Marinčič, Žiga Rakovec, Matic Zavodnik, Vid Barić, Georg Obermeissner, Erik Harc.

Filmed by Gregor Berkopec, Dominik Istenič, Mark Pirc, Miha Godec

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    dafuq did i just watch?

  • JP Walker

    Watch it on mute and see how much music plays into this edit.

  • YMR

    why was this posted?

  • yoyougotfruit

    some weird word choice

    we dosin’

  • trigger

    good to see good stuff like this from europe. take it easy merica, its just b-roll.. its obvious this guys can ride

  • bro

    sweet music choice, bro

  • literally speaking

    I counted exactly ZERO examples of mise-en-scène in this clip.

  • matthew

    death gripppps! AHHBITCHEZ!

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    way to high for this song