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Yawgoons 7

With Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand.
Also featuring Brian Skorupski, Travis Neuenhaus, Brendon Rego, and Tanner McCarty.
Music: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky by Johnny Cash

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Comments (44)

  1. i don’t want to sound greedy but i want more street footage. i know it has happened. unless they’re saving it for a top secret full length. even better.

  2. Oh man, that was sicker than AIDS.

  3. Seeing someone destroy rails on a camber snowboard is a rarity these days. this video was unreal.

  4. They manage to make snowboarding in Rhode Island so appealing

  5. thank you yawgoons, thank you.

  6. @holyfuck where do you get your facts from its rare to see some rocker/alt chamber nut actually kill it

  7. dylan and marcus; style and execution

  8. dang Dylan Gamache the quiet Killer

  9. That dylan guy is gonna blow up. Board control like a muh fugga

  10. youre drunk. and this is dope.

  11. These kids are barely sponsored. That’s what’s really wrong with the snowboard industry. People wasting their time on panty-wastin’ jump nerds and these kids are setting new standards.

  12. last two tricks were unbelievable. Whole thing was great tho

  13. if dylan got this good just riding a tow rope, whats gonna happen if he moves out west, or even vermont, its not even gonna be fair anymore

  14. Vogue should publish this as their most stylish post yet.

  15. Having fun on 5 rails is what makes snowboarding fun

  16. A little jealous jp? Maybe it’s time to pull up your pants and walk away from the picnic tables bud.

  17. Maybe Dylan hasn’t gotten hooked up yet because hes not a conformist fruit cake and hes not doing triple corks, but someone needs to wake the fuck up and put him on.

  18. if you are work at the big b or another top brand and watch this, sign them up

  19. why are the lifts never runing

  20. probably because theyre the only ones there

  21. allen santucci pays his friends to call him sandusky and that just shows how much he really loves being known as a guy who touched baby boys dicks in showers…

  22. i fucking hate watching this. a bunch of gay tricks on skate rails.. im kidding it was dope


  24. watchederrr 3 to 4 timees yaa knoo..

  25. rumor has it that it took 13 hours of surgery from the top surgeons in the world to remove the orange hoody off of brian skorupskis upper body torso…fortunately for our eye balls it was a success

  26. The lifts arent running because there isnt enough snow to open the mountain. Dylan goes hard, he’ll be picked up full when he feels like it


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