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Snowboard Realms’ Best Snowboard Edit Ever

How to get me to post your GoPro edit:

1. Put cats in it.

2. Make it funny.

4. Call it the Best Edit Ever.

3. Be TJ Schneider.

Simple, really.



If you know, you know.
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Comments (18)

  1. I missed TJ and the Realms. Some of the best and most fun edits to watch for sure.

  2. TJ is back! 2013 would be great year

  3. That’s funny. Cause I’m pretty sure TJ Schneider murders kittens

  4. Sickest double cork I’ve ever seen!

  5. probably the sickest jumpers out right now

  6. these guys are clearly all taking roids, or at least abusing marijuana i think yobeat should drug test before they post videos from now on.

  7. SUPER gay and TOTALLY Queer (used as adjectives meaning Light hearted, carefree and odd)
    Hope everyone’s having a good time out there.
    Thanks Brooke for posting the flick.

  8. question. does anyone remember the episode where tj blasts an enormous gap over some trees and fucks his knee and/or ankle up?
    that gap was awesome

  9. Answer, bruh. Go search for it on the Googles. You should be able to find it under “dat gap,” if I recall correctly


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