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The 2013 Girls Board Test

We don’t know any girls (other than Brooke, but she doesn’t count) so we got our Interns to help out, and Justin to teach them to ride like girls… cause we all know he knows. Luckily for all womankind, Kelly Underwood showed up just in time.

If you want real reviews of these boards, read on:


Flow Jewel

Intern review: Pretty damn stiff, good for a lady that rides the whole mountain and not just the park.

Available sizes: 143, 146, 149, 152
MSRP: $389.99


Burton Social Restricted

Intern review: Really fun and flexible, good for a girl who knows what she’s doing in the park, but a little bit squirley on rails.

Available sizes: 142, 147, 151
MSRP: $369.95


Salomon Oh Yeah

Intern review: A super stable park board with plenty of pop.

Available sizes: 138, 143, 147, 151
MSRP: $349.95


K2 Lime Lite

Intern review: Rad shape, good for a girl who likes to ride a little bit of everything. Lacking in the pop department.

Available sizes: 138, 142, 146, 149, 153
MSRP: $399.95


Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK

Intern review: The board for everything, flat between the binding and reverse camber under foot makes it fun and poppy while still holding a solid edge at speed.

Available sizes: 140, 145, 147
MSRP: $359.95

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  • rego.

    i wish darrah would have done this one

  • Bruce

    ^^^ darrah fucked up her knee at camp :(

  • wallace and douge

    Kelly didnt even back smith anything… whatever yobeat

  • wildo

    kelly still sucks balls. I was more impressed with the 15 year old interns

  • hi

    What did I just watch?!

  • demetry james

    dayyum dat whyte gurl kno how 2 ride!

  • demetry james

    wait no she sux shyyyt

  • hmmm.

    Who’s Kelley Underwood?

  • Jeff Holce

    I would

  • bite it you scumb

    eff ya brady

  • Ididn’treallylikeitmuch

    …”Board suck my dick” haha

  • duh

    no PMS? the raddest chicks board out there, good ol’ fashion blood, period and tampons on a snowboard.

  • Maine Snow?

    kelly under wood… boody smell good doe

  • Ollie cat

    I like that the intern has interns

  • @@Puff The Magic Dragon

    Kelly underwood is SOOOO good

  • Debaser

    girl’s snowboard graphics need more tampons and bras and chocolate and whatever else hings girls complain about

  • http://@rastafab rastafab

    funny shittt ahahahhahah

  • OhioPassion

    i thought laura hadar was a man the first time i saw her