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Real Snow: Tre Squad

Fuck all those other guys. Here’s a late entry to the Xtreme Games from Tre Squad. They put the skier kid on a snowboard and he’s already better than the kids in most of the tube edit submissions we get. Maybe snowboarding really is the easiest thing in the world.

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    this video wins an espy

  • LA

    real snow fucked up and missed this edit

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    they won, no competition

  • T raw

    This is the greatest thing put on the Internet. Ever

  • viking

    i’m so confused right now..

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    I just watched 5 minutes of terrible snowboarding…….. fuck you yobeat

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    Only a few short months until shorts and shades 6!

  • kevin

    that looks fun

  • connor

    wow very creative. and gus warbington is funny looking

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    That’s actually a pretty cool setup

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    x2 awesome looking pre-season set up

  • burt


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    they totally stole every piece of pvc there

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    wachs for president


    I just peed out of my butthole

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    wheres the party footage

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    shit where i live we don’t have that much tubes in while country

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