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Oil Country: Episode 1

Jed Anderson is from Alberta, so clearly the place breeds good snowboarders. Here’s the first episode of Oil Country, brought to you by the Source and featuring Dwayne Wiebe, Kael Hill, Jordan Phillips, Tanner Davidson, Ryan Hall, Steve-o Callen, Guillaume Fortin and many more.

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Comments (11)

  1. kael get back on that rage snowboard before I kill you

  2. So g its dope to see kael boarding again

  3. kael birthed a child thats why he was out da game for a lil bit but he return as a new man knam sayin and lol at the hick music

  4. That last rail would have been way sicker if they left those last three steps shoveled.

  5. kael is the best snowboarder on the planet

  6. Where did they get that little kid with the beard?

  7. using a song by the rural alberta advantage… fitting


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