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Failure to Launch v. 3

You guys voted and now we feature Mobbin’s videos no matter what. Luckily, this one is also pretty good.

Riders in order: Blake Axelson, Grant Giller, Shaun White, Red Gerard, Wylie Adams, Kai Wiggins, and Brendan Hart


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Comments (11)

  1. as if these guys needed to win that contest to be featured

  2. Dillon Ojo gets lumped into a mega post and these kriss kross jocks get posted up? C’mon now yobeat. These Colorado edits come a dime a dozen.

  3. I actually made an audible noise at the ender. crail or seat belt with any spin is just sexy.

  4. woow the airlayback and the 10 at 3:01 were real nice and the ender obvi

  5. the chick getting domed by the watermelon was pretty gnar too

  6. some quite nice jump maneuvers in there. and thats sick that someone got corky with a crail

  7. Red Gerard slaying? I think YES!

  8. damn! the boys are getting good.

  9. Blake smokes mad weed in his rasta mitts and socks

  10. so having a skinny stance and wearing trendy clothes all of the sudden makes double corks cool?


  11. yeah ive been on yobeat twice in a month… how many times have you?


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