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Beyond Medals

Kevin Backstrom SLAMS into a rail in Oslo. More episodes from the making of “Beyond Medals” coming soon.

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Comments (14)

  1. to me looks like he was just trying to hold the 50 and put his weight too far to that one side, hopped off to prevent a bail and boom

  2. Can you hear that? All your sponsors are dropping you because you got hurt. Better luck next year.

  3. @how to waste your season- there’s absolutely no way you have any friends. and you definitely don’t have sex with girls.

  4. everything about this video sucked shit

  5. yes, generally breaking bones sucks shit. dahoyyytttttt

  6. sucks getting hurt on a clip that wouldnt be cool if you landed it anyways.

  7. And taking the vowels out of your “crews name” or whatever it is and adding an X doesn’t make it any cooler. It in fact makes it look like a 16 year old girl from Connecticut’s Tumblr that probably consists of almost sexual selfies, reblogs of girls in stockings on top of a dude with a couple shitty tattoos that says “love me”, and over saturated pictures of the woods. VRY x CL.

  8. thats what you get for not shoveling the stairs

  9. i didn’t say breaking bones sucked shit i said everything sucked shit. the feature sucked shit, the filming sucked shit, the trick sucked shit, that ugly orange nike hoodie sucked shit, and now thanks to you the comment board sucks shit too.


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