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Sunny Copper Laps with Spencer Clark

Jerm told me to post this.

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Comments (20)

  1. Excuse me while I have a seizure from those strobe effects.

  2. man that was some next level riding and editing, I’m so glad I watched this

  3. wait actually I just puked blood..

  4. Close the curtain on the haters in my Maybach


  5. good call jerm i got this one on repeat

  6. this white boy has no $wagger and again with the terrible editing holy shit it makes me ashamed of being a snowboarder.. and herschel goggles?? cmoon

  7. “I do it huge” perfectly synced with that huge air. Niiccee

  8. And the award for 11/12 but also 12/13 seasons most influential rider goooeees tooooooo, As we all expected! GUCCI MANE

  9. I’d be mighty embarrassed to be a part of this edit. film, edit, or riding

  10. Ahahaha oh my god that edit. I would’ve thought everyone realized not to use the strobe effect and fade in-outs 5 years ago. I had to force myself to focus on the riding too.

  11. Save the hood star shit for up close and fisheye. go get horgmo to mix u up some “sick” electro bullshit. ….

  12. he is a lot better thn me

  13. More hilarious wigger shit… yobeat has to be doing this on purpose.

  14. good stuff spenny!

  15. will there ever be a good edit to come out of colorado?

  16. for having some good tricks this was still pretty terrible

  17. the riding’s good. the editing would get you a good grade in film class, but it doesn’t work so well for this.

  18. let’s all pretend that it was necessary to put the back 3 off the wall twice

  19. this sucked but the wallride to wall hug was actually pretty sick


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