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Daily Distraction #3

I’d write something super witty, but these jerks in Montana made me board powder all day, so whatever.

Featuring: Kyle Gregory, Steve Rosato, and Jake Rome with two more weeks of footage. Special guest appearance by the infamous Jack Cornell. #remind_me_later

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Comments (12)

  1. Quickly I have to say something funny!………boobs. Nailed it!

  2. Getting Yobeat back on track with this one

  3. did a fucking thirteen year old edit this goddamit go on youtube watch some skate edits and take notes this is absolute rubbish

  4. damn i dont have 360’s on in all my videos, i must not be good

  5. Dear Big Boulder,

    I miss you.


  6. not the normal boulder crew everyone is used to seeing but they killed it.

  7. big boulder is the bees knees

  8. down flat time looks like more fun than a fat blunt

  9. down flat tube looks like more fun than a fat blunt


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