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Daily Distraction #3

I’d write something super witty, but these jerks in Montana made me board powder all day, so whatever.

Featuring: Kyle Gregory, Steve Rosato, and Jake Rome with two more weeks of footage. Special guest appearance by the infamous Jack Cornell. #remind_me_later

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Comments (12)

  1. Quickly I have to say something funny!………boobs. Nailed it!

  2. Getting Yobeat back on track with this one

  3. did a fucking thirteen year old edit this goddamit go on youtube watch some skate edits and take notes this is absolute rubbish

  4. damn i dont have 360’s on in all my videos, i must not be good

  5. Dear Big Boulder,

    I miss you.


  6. not the normal boulder crew everyone is used to seeing but they killed it.

  7. down flat time looks like more fun than a fat blunt

  8. down flat tube looks like more fun than a fat blunt


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