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Koala Time: Sugarbush and Killington

Koala: To take a shit while sitting on the toilet backwards and hugging the tank like a koala, so that the poos skid mark the bowl and someone else has to scrub it clean. Nice guys. Real nice.

Featuring: Evan Sheridan, Mike Cortigiano, Niles Fromm, Andrew Baker, Johhny Hancheck and Nate Haust.

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Comments (45)

  1. If this can make it on yobeat I think anything can

  2. Day after day I come back to yobeat in hopes that I might find a decent edit to waste some sweet time. day after day I’m let down. only edits worth watching on here are

  3. Come on kids lets see some big boy style

  4. Someone at yobeat must really love the Lakers to post this.

  5. Holy fuck, the first 6 commenters are like gypsy mind readers. They said everything that was in my mind about this shitpost.

  6. nates thes only legit dude in this

  7. How can you guys not see that this edit is just a joke? It wasn’t meant to be serious i assume

  8. So incredibly sick of east coast edits with gangster rap, so 2004. there is other music out there guys…

  9. I think all of yobeat is on crack today

  10. #1 worst edit ever posted on yobeat, way to blow it.

  11. Man… snowboarding is just fucking hilarious lately.

  12. this is seriously the most amazing snowboarding, filming, editing, black and white usage and music i have ever seen.

  13. Oh i wasn’t aware that rejected edits were being posted individually from now on.

  14. I think yobeat is raising our self-esteem so we post shitty videos like this then talk shit on a later date.

  15. How the fuck did this get posted. couldn’t even make it to the end of the video


  17. I wonder if snowboarders even realize
    Juicy j was in 666mafia?

  18. I wonder if snowboarders even know he won an academy award

  19. so everyone that is posting is telling me its a shitty edit because they arent throwin down 720s on and then bagel pretzel triple corks off? just because it doesnt fit your style doesnt mean its not a decent edit. so its a little sloppy…. but look at the features they are hitting. how much can you actually do on that? half of you probably couldnt even compete with that. your only baggin cause theres no professionals in the edit. i wanna see you post a better edit

  20. Snowboarding is fun. Nollie fb’s are fun.

  21. ummm i’m not um, i dont post on yobeat, make love not warcraft

  22. Trippy

  23. i moved to vermont from brooklyn and let me tell you…the least gangster place ever.

  24. what trail at Sugarbush was that? I aint been there in 10 years

  25. nothing more hood then spending $90+ at killington for a ticket

  26. am i the only one that found this funny?

  27. #UVMstudentsmakeanedittoanotherJuicyJsongfromtheirweekendatkillington

  28. What is their secret? How do you decide which side of the rail to film from? What do you do if some of your swivel-legged bros are goofy and some are regular? Do you gotta keep switching sides of the rail? Asking for a friend…

  29. Snowboarding is so cool. Was that weezy on the hill? Can’t wait for his clips.

  30. WOW FUCK ALL YOU GUYS AND YOBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. everyone who made a negative comment on this video has the biggest stick up their ass and you are only saying what your saying because you are behind a computer. If you really think this video sucks come up to everyone who is in it and say it to their face.


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