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//DISTRICT x Grasgehren

You guys! There are kids in Germany who wear all black, do ironic tricks and rock skinny stances too! It really is a small world after all.

Featuring: Raffael Kossmann, Julian Kossmann, Kai Dangel, Lukas Perro, Gido Gföllner

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  • DM

    I dont really see skinny stances at all haha. Nice edit though!

  • Ãœter

    TÃœV approved

  • Jabron Lames

    These guys should call themselves the ‘Speed Check Crew’

  • connor

    what are ‘ironic tricks’?

  • pirate

    Alps look so fresh on yobeat.

  • quinnladen

    and jerm blew it again , not a surprise

  • ?


  • Robbo

    GG is one of the best park in germany, aber mit abstand!

  • bm

    robbo knows best

  • Dylan Trewin

    god brooke, why did you waste my time with this crappy edit

  • karnkarn

    Trewin you are an idiot. This edit is sick. The style is there along with the tricks.