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Travis Rice Rider Spotlight

OMG Travis Rice drinks PBR too!

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Comments (8)

  1. LOL that Absinthe dude is salty! Turn off the Nickelback* and chill out: there’s room for both T.Rice and T.O.M.A.T.O. on the planet.

    *or whatever goat rock they’re putting in their vids these days…

  2. The sheep thing – what a douche move. Not impressed.

  3. t rice couldnt even make it into the featured section. Somebodys gotta step their game up……… (yobeat)

    the man is a legend, give him the respect he has earned

  4. That was the sickest backside rodeo I have ever seen. Travis, you are a legend.

  5. Animal sacrifices for the win, gets shit done

  6. Sick recap. I rode with Travis a few times in Jackson last year and he is such a rad dude. How he sees the mountain and rides it is crazy.

  7. “im real glad that travis has taken the face of snowboarding in the public eye over shaun white, because travis is a real snowboarder”

    Couldn’t agree more.


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