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Singlecork Part 5: Timberline

After Ski Bowl closed up shop for the winter, Timberline was calling our name! In part 5 of Singlecork, Brandon Cocard, Ben Lynch, Parker Duke, Max Warbington, Jesse Gouveia and the rest of the Airblaster family spent the remaining days of spring at Timberline enjoying the unpredictable weather, the Bone Zone, Timberline’s awesome parks and hanging out with great friends. To see how to get your own copy of Singlecork, head over to

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Comments (12)

  1. Timberline brings back good memories. The side-country kicker narnia that is available is what turns park rats into great riders. I can’t think of a better place to learn to board. A little flat but then everywhere in Oregon is…except Joseph, Oregon. Shhh.

  2. Airblaser’s videos are always the shit but their outrwear kiiinda sucks dick, not tryin to be a prick, just the truth. Bitch.

    <3 AIR

  3. TLine is where I learned to ride and its still my favorite resort on hood. Good days are great from beginning to end Parking lots only hold so many cars. The side hits are amazing especially after the right windy storm rolls through. The atmosphere the entire place can develop on a 6 inch pow day beats mhm getting rode out in the first 2 hours with everybody racing to the best terrain even weekends beat mhm weekdays busy wise. Sure its flat and isnt the best place to ride on a 20+ inch day but with just a few inches its great ever after its flattened tons of hits get made. Rather than everything scraped off to the previous melt/freeze line. The bit about the sidecountry kickers is so amazingly true especially since you can hike the canyons all summer. Some of the funnest days of my life were spent there.

  4. Jesse had some sick shots in that edit….said no one ever. Rad lil movie we got here.

  5. is cocard riding next years board?

  6. These edits are so rad. Snowboarding is awesome

  7. Jesse with yet another scorp #2013 its no different.

  8. Thats this years Stairmaster Extreme

  9. Cant wait for some spring time timberline


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