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Signal’s Minnesota House- Episode 4

Cody Beiersdorf and Yusaku Horii get buck at Buck Hill.



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Comments (19)

  1. So I was super down with them using Minus the Bear, super cool. But then they started with the Kudi and it brought it back down.

  2. Dude did not sound as asian as I expected.

  3. Am I having a deja vu or have I seen all that footage before?

  4. Burnsville* and that footy is all last season ya lazy fucks

  5. Minnesota seems like a big pile of shit

  6. so dope. these things are cool

  7. Hey fired. It is a big pile of shit, but everyone is still better than you

  8. better than me at 1 foot tall square bars and riding rope tows? definitely not arguing with that. out west we have these things called chairlifts and they take us up these magical things called mountains. someday you might figure it out. until then try not to kill yourself. or take up rollerblading because that’s pretty much what you’re doing…