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D-Stone with Žiga Rakovec and Nejc Ferjan

Since both these ThirtyTwo Europe riders have unpronounceable names, they’ve apparently nicknamed the Dachstien glacier “D-stone” to appeal to us idiot Americans. Thanks guys, we appreciate it.

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  • kittenpuncher

    not bad euros not bad at all, grant it the edit is prolly to techno but my volume isnt on because I am at work…. yeah I am stereotyping.

  • rob

    its not techno…

  • two22’s

    good riders, good video, good vibes. They really made that park look like a lot of fun! keep up the good work boys

  • Mike

    time to step it up for these headz aong the US lines and get some props!

  • CherBoi

    :39 buys cam caddie, holds the camera instead of the handle

  • vid