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Warp Wave: Holidaze

The Warp Wave boys broke out the Instagram filters for their first official edit! Just kidding guys, they shot it on VHS. It’s retro.

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Comments (20)

  1. i couldnt watch the whole thing. i tried.

  2. Went 30 seconds and didn’t see a rail… what the hell?

  3. happy new year! germ you dickless turd! my buddy fucked your girlfriend! weew!

  4. Fuck yeah guys! Keep doing your shit. This is gold.

  5. a bozwreck sponsorship?? Nice

  6. I want to like this but I don’t know… Guess I’m not hip enough to “get” why it’s filmed on vhs

  7. I don’t know why, but I have liked everything WW has done so far!

  8. a bit too long but still epic compared to others

  9. Sick pow from down south. This is makes me want to ride with all the homies. To the kid that went a whole 30 seconds without seeing a rail then quit watching. You have lost touch with reality. Watching WW is like riding on a puffy puff puff white cloud. Nice work.

  10. tried…to…make it…but….cant…keep…from…nodding….out

  11. So sick! More stuff like this please.

  12. The last two minutes are mind-bottling.


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