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Under Review: 32 Joe Sexton Signature Series Unleaded Jacket

Is it a jacket, or a sweatshirt? Is it waterproof? Will you look cool? All these questions answered and more!

Get your own at

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  • JP Walker

    Not “ripped” as in muscles, but “ripped” as in high. It makes more sense this way. descent job, intern.

  • Pedo-Dino

    Still better than the toe side terrors…

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    I, for one, welcome a return to 90’s style, gas station/automotive themed snowboard apparel

  • Paco

    His spite is what really makes these reviews great.



  • Becks

    mmmm. jacket smells like catnip to me.

  • Cobra_Dawg

    Joe Sexton is a G

  • Debaser

    Im hungover