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Seven Tricks with SEGCOS

They called these tricks “incongruous” which is a big word. Guess that’s what happens when you go to college.

Riders: Ryan Lanham, Jeff Holce, Erik Overson, Dan Wells and Nicky McMillen.

Edit: Andrew Nagel – Seamus Foster

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  • snatch

    My artsy-intake max has been reached.

  • asher roth

    i love college

  • Tampongirlfromtoohard

    That was cute

  • dlowk

    These kids are bosses

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    I’m callin best amateur flick of 2013

  • Zoid

    Makin moves.

  • dirkmcgurk

    that sucked

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    Definitely down for these dudes

  • sosa

    oogie boogie

  • caps

    Other than snowboarding and college, do you think these kids do drugs and stuff?

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    more like art college which is like preschool

  • John

    yeah dan!

  • http://[email protected] um……..

    it wasn’t even that artsy…….

  • Obviously

    these kids need to practice more at the hill then bring bigger tricks to the street.

  • JP Walker

    7 d-roll tricks!

  • Squid

    Song? Thx

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    yo ben hannon filmed like four of these clips. he deserves a fimler shout out. just sayin. stoop or die