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Under Review: Rip Curl’s Alive and Kickin

Maybe you know their names, maybe not, but they are all better than you.

So apparently Rip Curl outsourced a snowboard team, filmed them snowboarding to a bad soundtrack and threw a few instagram filters in during post production and called the end product Alive and Kickin. There are good parts, there are bad parts, there is a really surprising chick and then there is an ender by Victor De Le Rue. Spoiler Alert: Victor De Le Rue is worth the admission price alone, but there’s a bunch of dudes who deserve their time under the sun, so here we go…

Elias Elhardt kicks things off with a backflip and heads straight into a barrage of powder lines that will make any powderhound foam at the mouth. Keep an eye out for the lightning fast shifty and massive laid out double backy thrown into the mix.

Emilien Badoux interupts the mood with some serious late ’90s vibes. I don’t think anyone has ever reminded me of Andrew Crawford this much.

Sam Schaer is a little loose, a little sketchy and apparently too tough to care that he occasionally bashes his head into tress mid spin.

Vid Baric introduces rails into the scene, and tight pants, and skinny stance, and fat kids, and all the tricks you’d expect a HCSC digger to do.

You like powder? Then you’ll like Elias Elhardt.

Diana Sadlowski is a woman and so is Urska Pribosic, and Urska is for sure the better of the two, and in all reality one of the best chicks I’ve ever seen. American girls should be slightly worried about Urska.

Anders Suua films in a park for a minute until Emil Ulsletten films in a much bigger park and does lots of corks.

Finally another big setup introduces the incredibly good and super gnarly Nils Arvidsson. The ginger superstar wins the backlip contest in this flick, and films a super well rounded part with all the bangers just like Euro kids used to do. Two thumbs up.

Victor Daviet rides to a terrible song but manages to do a really amazing wall transfer. Then Brett Butcher’s doppelganger Wiley Tesseo jumps cliffs like a badass. Then Matevz Macek straightlines a mountain, and Braden Dean double flips his way into the flick. But these guys are on Youtube so check the video.

Victor Daviet and friends have a thing or two to show you.

Janne Lipsanen would die if left to his own devices, because he can’t fish for shit. Check his part for proof of that, and for two serious bangers.

Victor De Le Rue, who is not Xavier De Le Rue, gets one hell of a dramatic intro before dropping into frozen hell and making the world’s steepest and scariest his personal playground. After causing global warming there are some really big jumps, one hell of a back 180 that you should watch over and over again, and then even more shit to watch. There’s a bunch of park shit but who cares beacuse this dude is in the backcountry again and he’s destroying it. Then he destroys rockrides and more park jumps. Then more 14,000 foot peaks. Basically this video just became a whole lot better and a whole lot more worth watching. You should pick up a copy so you have this part in your personal treasure chest. Victor De Le Rue rules.

The End.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (10)

  1. posted the same youtube video twice

  2. well now I look like an asshole

  3. @hagfish fuck youtube. fixed,

  4. vid baric is so much overrated

  5. Fuck Rip Curl, stay in surfing or whatever it is you do.

  6. yeah keep surfing out of snowboarding. we need more energy drink and soccer ball companies. fuckin clown…

  7. Rip curl creates Mountain Wear for 25 years… so much longer than many of the brands… Of course the roots are in the surf but the brand value supports board culture! Live & Learn!

  8. @ 0:42 is fucked Ben Maki in a nut shell

  9. @noway and what have you done lately? go learn a trick or two from vid,