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C Sessions 3.5

Rumor has it Vermont is FINALLY getting snow. But the good news is, Carinthia makes it happen with or without that bitch Mother Nature.

Riders: Ian Keay, Henry Padden, Max Lyons, Zack Wilmot, Alex Hereford, Brian Skorupski, Tarik Blowers, Casey Willax, Shaun Murphy

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Comments (12)

  1. zack wilmont, button your coat your gonna catch a cold

  2. Good stuff right there.

  3. great edit with a few cameo’s. nice to see max with a few shots

  4. wilmots not even an asian last name

  5. wilmot is shredding on that 144cm

  6. wow that brian chick really can shred!

  7. yeah max!

  8. if vermont sucks, then you must swallow.


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