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RK1 Goes to Colorado

The Rockies never saw it coming.

Featuring the RK1 crew and Friends – Stale Sandbech, Len Jorgensen, Alek Østreng and Torgeir Bergrem, Torstein Horgmo, Kevin Backstrom, Ulrik Badertscher and Taka.

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Comments (20)

  1. good shit but euros have such bad taste when it comes to making edits.. and please stop sagging your pants and rockin a cholo top to that one dude you look like such a doucher


  3. goddamn that was intense, nice work. jerm – variety is the spice of life. fuck off.

  4. Legit riding thats well shot & edited…

  5. best edit of the season so far. woofta.

  6. these guys showed up and made everybody at keystone look stupid for the month they were around

  7. 3:34 you play a dangerous game Len

  8. @asphinctersayswhat

    if you think this is well shot then go to an eye doctor.
    footage is so shakey they had to zoom in 200% and use an image stabilizer.

  9. you’re fucking welcome keystone, for the best advertising you’ve had all season.

  10. if you snowboard and you didn’t think the riding in this edit was good, you should quit, and leave this site, forever

  11. I’ve seen these guys ride, they straight up don’t give a fuck

  12. Jerm you can gargle with my black chunky pms blood. Faggghoootttt


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