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Nitro Welcomes Brandon Hobush

Nitro Snowboards is proud to announce that Brandon Hobush is now officially part of the Nitro snowboard family. Brandon Hobush has been pushing the limits of what is normal and possible to do on a snowboard the last couple of years and we are very proud to have him on our team. We feel that Brandon´s snowboarding style, lifestyle and attitude fit our brand and other team riders perfectly. Brandon will be a great asset to our team and product development for years to come.

Brandon Hobush went to Park City with filmer Mike Mo and other Nitro friends to do some laps during Christmas and make a little welcome to the team edit – and here it is:


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Comments (21)

  1. This is so sick! Nitro really stepping it up! Sam Taxwood, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Eero Ettala, Brandon Hobush, Justin Bennee, Jon Kooley, Dominik Wagner, Nils Arvidsson… Such a stick team

  2. not hating on anyone here, but Hobush does the same tricks as everyone, but perfect. time to get weird! jump out of the box, back 180s onto down/flat/downflatdown rails are getting boring!!! so i guess this is a note to everyone. get weird!!!

  3. Fuck yes, Hobush is so raw! Great style and just does everything so clean. Glad he’s off stepchild. I don’t want to hate, but I’m about to…stepchild straight blows. Sean Johnson was cool and all, but his brand is dog shit. Only solid rider (in my opinion) is Mr. Joseph Sexton.

    Hobush deserves to get paid, so fuck a brand that’s not paying him. Again, glad he’s with a stacked line up on the Nitro team, that will probably turn him pro within the next couple years.

  4. @squidward yeah right you hatin fool

  5. @Holden Caulfield

    cool reference dude do you read books or something? i bet you’re some high school pseudo-intellectual or something. Stepchild is sick — theyre supporting riders like Al Stathis, Cody Wilson, Layne Treeter, Dillon Ojo, Jordan Small, among others, and just turned E-MAN PRO. Nuff said

  6. @Holden Caulfield, nitro – 60 team riders (have you been on their site?), made in singapore, boards are a pile, in all the big box stores.
    Stepchild – 10 team riders in total – all fucking shred hard – made in austria, only in core shops, make sure pussy pro’s pay their dues and dont turn them pro after a few web edits. i know who il support.
    holden caulfied – your whats wrong with snowboarding.

  7. This is awesome – both companies are rad Nitro and Stepchild. Brandon Hobush is an amazing snowboarder with a big following – he deserves everything that is coming his way. I bet he is stoked and appreciative for his time on Stepchild (except for the dis in their team video – a little weak) and is now excited about his future.

    Snowboarding is in a good place right now – a lot of good people!

    Go snowboarding and get off the Internet forums and comment boards – Idiots… Stop the hate – and strap a snowboard on your feet!

  8. watch out for the little Hobush- Christian on the come up

  9. Don’t worry, guys… We’re still here.

  10. he ditched the Brighton pro team (his home mountain) to join the Bear team, he ditched Ashbury to join Anon, he ditched Stepchild to join Nitro. next a Monster or Red Bull sponsor probably.
    He’s leaving the core companies for the highest bidder. sucks really.


  12. doesnt matter what shit hes endorsing the dude friggin rips! eat it jocks!

  13. I think its just me but I never saw hobush when all his hair out until he stared riding for nitro..