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Yobeat Readers Tell the Future

Recently we had a little giveaway with ThirtyTwo in which we asked you who ThirtyTwo should collab with next. And wouldn’t you know, amidst the drug references and terrible jokes, five of you actually guessed it! Congrats again to the winners, Michael Francis Titcomb (location unknown), Austin Davis of Gig Harbor, WA, Eric Rosenberger of Mentor, OH, Mark Greenberg of Timomnium, MD and Nic Roy of Laterriere, Quebec. And without further ado, announcing next year’s collab 32 x Crab Grab.


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  • Cornholio

    It was inevitable…

  • KeepItReal


  • MRKD

    this is so much better than dgk tho

  • Debaser

    I will trade my DGK one for this

  • Pedo-Dino

    I WANT!

  • dick poncho

    i pay you one dolla

  • prof. snape

    thirtytwo/nike is next

  • Yep


  • muckgang

    how does the ‘consumer’ get their grubby mitts on one of these bad bitches?

  • bitch daddy

    because i would love to put my mitts on one of these.