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The Outsiders: CAPiTA Team Edit

Well, well, well, it looks like CAPiTA just rounded out one of the best teams in snowboarding. Don’t take our word for it though, watch this edit.

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Comments (29)

  1. too many face shots, and not the good kind. still can’t be too disappointed with this though. Capita team is on point

  2. banger bangers, banger song, banger team, banger edit

  3. That was sick and stuff but they could’ve easily edited in Mike Rav.

  4. Fuckin right! Capita doin it big as always!

  5. So Kazu must hate money a lot if he dropped burton.

  6. Perfect fit… but I thought it was going to be pat moore… or just one of the guys from forum.

  7. kaz and jess should produce prodigious 75% japanese snowboarding offspring who will rule the world with their exorbitant amount of style

  8. kazu kills it, so steezy. That addidas outerwear is still offensive though

  9. Where’s Tj Schneider ? He’s been with CAPiTA since basicly the beginning…

  10. That was kind of lame. or maybe theyre trying to be lame, i dont know

  11. Only reason Capita picked him up is cause that Adidas money is offsetting what they can’t afford.

  12. i hope santa shipped dan brisse a lesson on how to not be such a fat shit cause fuck dan “brisse burger”

  13. Burton > Capita + Union

  14. The rumor mill has been all over this. Great to see it actually happen. Great song, as well

  15. kazu with the boot grab other than that it was on point

  16. I thought we all knew about this in the summer, instagram was flooded with pics of him on a capita board

  17. Capita needs to make a park edit of Stevens and Rav riding together that’s edited to Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

  18. when changes happen to the capita team, people pay attention.

  19. Surely you are joking. Dan Brisse has one of the better video parts I’ve ever seen! The ender in Nowhere? I think that’s the name of it.

  20. Capita snagging their chance to go to the Olympics

  21. hahaha… The team does not even know or even ride with Kazu.. Anything for PR –

  22. ^^^^^^ the whole team rode and hung with him up at hood this past summer for CAMPita. Soooo there’s your PR

  23. Brandon Cocard killing it on the biggest rail ever


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