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The Most Commented Posts of 2012


We were really banking on that whole “end of the world” thing so we wouldn’t have to fill another holiday week with content, but alas, it didn’t pan out. So, it looks like in order to spend q.t. with our families (read: snowboards) we’ll need to resort to reruns once again. What better stories to revive than those that really got you talking?

1. Dachstein #1

Original postdate: June 12, 2012
Total Comments: 145

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our years doing this site, it’s don’t fuck with Euros. Or maybe, do fuck with Euros, because when they band together to defend the Motherland it’s damn funny. Read the original shitstorm here.

2. Matt Kass’s Hump Day

Original postdate: Feb 22, 2012
Total Comments: 143

When Matt Kass said he wanted an interview, at first we were apprehensive. Believe it or not, we have feelings and loyalties and knew this one had the potential to cross some people. But after completing the interview, it was impossible not to post. Matt, we wish you the best, and thanks for getting everyone in snowboarding talking this year. Read it.

3. TOO Hard Full Movie

Original Post date: November 14, 2012
Total Comments: 117

The chick flick Too Hard might not have shown the gnarliest snowboarding of the year, but it did show girls acting very unladylike, and in this male-driven world of snowboarding, apparently that gets people talking. Go enjoy the heated debate once again.

4. Arnette Crew Clash: Stoop Kids vs SoLame vs Butternut Crew

Original Post Date: March 6, 2012
Total Comments: 112

Truth is, the top 3 most commented posts were actually contests, but we excluded anything where commenting could win you free stuff on this list. This first post in the Arnette Crew Clash tournament, however, made a mark on it’s own, with a little threesome of videos vying for votes. Watch them and the see why here.

5. Too Hard Teaser

Original Post Date: May 28, 2012
Total Comments: 112

Danyale makes it two for two! This post had a little interview with the brains behind the video that got the internet in a tizzy, but really, most of these comments were you guys grappling with seeing a bloody tampon. That’s right guys, girls get their periods and most of us use tampons EVERY MONTH. Relive the memories here.

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Comments (8)

  1. thanks for reminding me of too hard…

  2. That kass hump day was a doozy

  3. Where are all the Bear edits this year?

  4. Too Hard got me too soft. And that’s a problem

  5. When is the shaun white hump day coming?

  6. YoBeat still going down in flames. Got so crappy last year.

  7. Hhahahh my fave was the Matt Kass interview. Kudos to YoBeat for having the balls to publish the account of that little stoner shit Danny Kass. Who gives rip that he’s a “big time” —I hestitate to use that with him–he’s got a big name–he can do a backflip–he calls up Absinthe and asks to be part of the crew. Uhh, ok….I guess you’ll sell some units. There’s some old talent like Terje that still rip—KAss not so much. I mean when your best friend is the Dingo the tool-how cool can you really be?
    Whatever. It was eye opening for sure. Your brother is not going to hang you out like that unless you deserve it. Danny’s rep took a HUGE hit in the industry–couldnt happen to a more deserving little punk.

  8. is it too much to ask for a dingo hump day 2013?