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The Dantaye Draper Christmas Special

Merry mutha fuck’n Christmas from your favorite G, Dantaye Draper.

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Comments (23)

  1. everything about this is fucking trash

  2. Where can I cop me some of those pants? SWAG city!

  3. How to be a faggot: Christmas special.

  4. i may or may not be the only one who thought that was a joke

  5. Is this darren drapers (sean black) brother from that terrible tuesday a while back?

  6. funny thing is, I like watching ‘this guy’ snowboard more than the normal sean black

  7. I didnt know jnco made snowpants

  8. even though this is a joke, i bet a lot of guilty pleasures were fulfilled while filming for this

  9. Take this way too seriously. Its just snowboarding. Get over yourselves.

  10. This was awesome!!! i just lost it haha

  11. Must feel shitty to make this as a blatant joke only to have everyone say they like the riding better than your normal way of riding…. Bummer.

  12. so thats what Mark Frank has been up to


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