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Two Days at Mount St Louis Moonstone

Alright, we’re crowd sourcing this one. Is Ontario like the Minnesota of Canada, or would you think its more like Ohio/PA? Is there a US equivalent? You tell us, we’re stupid Americans.

Featuring: Denny Duquette, Austin Hutchings, Jordan Vandenberg, Craig Gouweloos, and Jesse Loucks

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Keith

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Comments (26)

  1. last dudes arms were gnarly…chill out.

  2. right before i head-butt someone i whisper to them “im not going to head-butt you”

  3. Oh look, Ontario kids actually trying tricks in their Louis edits instead of just doing 50-50’s.

  4. I think they tried to hard to be something they’re not

  5. absolutely nothing like Minnesota