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Two Days at Mount St Louis Moonstone

Alright, we’re crowd sourcing this one. Is Ontario like the Minnesota of Canada, or would you think its more like Ohio/PA? Is there a US equivalent? You tell us, we’re stupid Americans.

Featuring: Denny Duquette, Austin Hutchings, Jordan Vandenberg, Craig Gouweloos, and Jesse Loucks

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Keith

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (26)

  1. who the fuck are you

  2. dont ever compare ontario and minnesota

  3. Can’t compare anywhere to Minnesota. We got ropes, bitches.

  4. Ontario is nothing like Minnesota or Ohio/PA. Come see for yourself.

  5. i was rockin dat goofy stance before it was cool

  6. Yeah, Minnesota is actually cool. On-terrible is wack

  7. I’m from PA but currently live/ride CO.

    Ontario is PA. Whack. No style whatsoever, Minnesota has fucking style. PA is weird melting parks and half-ass riding. Just like this edit.

  8. That is a stupid question. There are 13 Canadian provinces and 50 US states. Ontario itself is the size of the entire Midwest region of the US. Is Chicago like Kentucky? You tell me.

  9. the whole arm steez thing needs to die.

  10. Stop hatin. They’re doing, you’re complaining. Get after it.

  11. Ontario is Wack because you have to wear a fucking helmet to go in the terrain park, by law.

  12. hit the streets then, plenty of options there. or you can complain on yobeat and then still ride the park, you fucking pussy.

  13. Ontario is just like wisconsin. Also that skier is a dick for snaking him

  14. Appreciate the boardin for what it is, not where they’re from. Fuckin norts.

  15. i took a nice piss in that landing where that dude ate shit

  16. last dudes arms were gnarly…chill out.

  17. right before i head-butt someone i whisper to them “im not going to head-butt you”

  18. Oh look, Ontario kids actually trying tricks in their Louis edits instead of just doing 50-50’s.

  19. I think they tried to hard to be something they’re not


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