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The Killington EP

EP stands for “extended play” which is lamens terms is a CD that contains more than one single, but less then 8 tracks, and are too short to qualify as albums.” Do people still use CD’s?

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Comments (20)

  1. I think yobeat hit the bong too hard this morning

  2. DUDE! it’s the internet’s fault. I’m trying to fix it, but it has a DAMN MIND OF ITS OWN.

  3. It appears the Portland calendar ended yesterday and yobeat is messed the fuck up!

  4. The matrix is fixed. But you guys are funny.

  5. Hey Brooke, Better luck next year. zip it up, and zip it out

  6. Thx, i do birthdays and weddings too.

  7. These dudez are always fun to watch. Trendy

  8. they used EP wrong, this isn’t an EP its not even a full song IDIOTS

  9. Sick filming, but give me some hammers on the xtreme.

  10. what’s EP? and this edit sucks…i just watched a skateboarding edit where they did all the same tricks

  11. bar dadon thinks he’s mike rav

  12. i dont know parker, but cole is a bitch


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